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Asked Questions

What does it mean that your fuel is "zero net carbon"?

Our fuels are “zero net carbon” because they don’t add new carbon dioxide (CO2) to the atmosphere when they’re made or used.

When gasoline burns, it releases CO2. How is your fuel not contributing to global warming?

Prometheus gasoline is made from CO2 that’s already in the air. That means when you use our gasoline, you’re not adding any new CO2 to the atmosphere. In fact, using our fuels prevents the extraction of oil and gas and the burning of new fossil fuels that would add more CO2 to the air. Think of it this way: every gallon of Prometheus gasoline we use leaves a gallon of fossil fuel in the ground. This is why, when you use our fuels, you’re fighting global warming.

Is it really gasoline? Can I use it in my car?

Yes. Prometheus gasoline is real gasoline that can be used in any car that uses gasoline now. It is molecularly identical to gasoline made from oil, but it comes from CO2 in the air instead of being mined from the earth.

How much will your gasoline cost?

Prometheus gasoline will be the same price as fossil gasoline, and we will work to lower it over time.

Where does the energy in your fuel come from?

100% of the energy in Prometheus fuels comes from electricity from renewable sources like solar and wind power.

How much of an impact could this make in solving the climate crisis?

Replacing all fuels that are now made from oil and gas with zero net carbon fuels can reduce global CO2 emissions by more than 10 gigatons of CO2 per year, or approximately 25% of current annual global emissions.

What about diesel for my truck?

Yes, we will make zero net carbon diesel fuels as well as gasoline and jet fuels.

Can your jet fuel be used in commercial aircraft?

Yes, our jet fuel is molecularly identical to fossil jet fuel and can be used in any aircraft. A flight powered by our fuels will be completely carbon neutral. It will add zero new CO2 to the atmosphere.

How does your fuel compare to other renewables, like biofuels or hydrogen?

Many alternative fuels like bioethanol or hydrogen require cars to be modified before they can be used. Prometheus fuels can be used in any existing car, truck, or plane with no modification. You can just fill up your tank. The moment you drive away, you’re driving net carbon free.

What makes your fuel possible now? Why hasn’t it been available before?

At Prometheus, we’ve solved key problems in CO2 capture, fuel synthesis, and fuel separation. By combining our breakthrough tech with cheap electricity from solar and wind, we’re able to make zero net carbon fuels that compete with fossil fuels on price for the first time.

Where can I buy your gasoline? When will it be available?

We’ll begin selling Prometheus gasoline in California in late 2021. We’ll be expanding availability both in the U.S. and abroad as quickly as possible starting in 2022.

Can you make anything else with your technology? Can you remove CO2 from the atmosphere in a way that stores (sequesters) it permanently?

The answer to both questions is yes. We have some amazing products in the pipeline that we’ll be unveiling over the next few months. Check back on our website for new developments or follow us on social for updates.