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BMW Future Forum: ZNC fuels mark only path to Net Zero in time

1974 & 2015 BMW race cars at vintage gas station in the LA desert

We were honored to be featured by BMW as a revolutionary startup at their Future Forum.

The yearly event, hosted by BMW Welt at the brand’s Munich headquarters, has one thing in its high beams—the ultimate driver’s experience. This year, its first day of talks was all about the cutting edge car tech and fuels that can achieve this experience while also getting us to Net Zero.

Speaking on a panel about renewable fuels, our CEO, Rob McGinnis, brought up a topic that some might find controversial and that others have been avoiding. But it’s one that we absolutely need to address, head on, if we’re going to have a real shot at solving the climate crisis.

We all know the world’s carmakers are in a fevered race to electrify the vehicle fleet as fast as humanly possible. The question is: can we do it in time to prevent catastrophic global warming?

The hard truth is no. Electrification, on its own, isn’t fast enough.

“Even under optimistic scenarios where we ban all new internal combustion engines in nine years, or 14 years, depending on where these announcements are coming out,” McGinnis said, “you can see that in 2040, 2050, you still have almost a billion cars and trucks on the road that need to consume gasoline and diesel… We need to decarbonize the fuel for the fleet that still exists.”

That’s where Prometheus zero net carbon gasoline and diesel come in.

What if, as the world is figuring out how to execute the massive infrastructure changes that electrification requires—building out the grid, the charging stations, and the cars themselves—there was a way to instantly decarbonize all the ICE cars already on the road by the hundreds of millions?

Our electrofuels are like the cavalry, coming in at just the right time to make sure we put our chances of winning this fight over the top. “Every gallon of gasoline made from the air leaves a gallon of oil in the ground forever,” McGinnis said.

Okay, but what about quality?

What we’ll be making, McGinnis explained, is a premium gasoline. It’s high-octane and it burns clean. That means no heavy metals or aromatics, low nitrous oxides, and no sulfur dioxide.

Does that mean it’ll have a premium price?

No. In fact, we think we can sell a gallon of our high-performance gasoline for the same as or even a bit less than a gallon of regular fossil unleaded. “We have a pathway to do this without subsidies,” McGinnis said. “So we’ll be able to expand this gasoline to places that don’t have carbon credits and still replace that fossil fuel with zero net carbon fuel.”

After Rob’s talk, panel moderator, Nikolaus Roettger, had one word to describe our fuels and the bold vision McGinnis had laid out: “Impressive.”

“You just promised me that I can decarbonize my current car,” Roettger said. “Can I just use any car? Do I have to modify my vehicle or is it possible just to use your fuel?

“You don’t have to modify your car at all,” McGinnis said. “You can have an old VW bus, you can have an old motorcycle, you can have a moped, you can have a muscle car, you can have a classic car, you can have a new car. They’re all going to run on this gasoline. Because it’s just gasoline made in a new way.”

Stay tuned for news about our plan to launch retail zero net carbon gasoline in California later this year.