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Prometheus partners with Boom Supersonic to fuel world’s first zero net carbon supersonic flight

Boom Supersonic x Prometheus

Today we’re excited to announce our partnership with Boom Supersonic, the pioneering aviation startup building the next-generation Concorde. The partnership, revealed at the Paris Air Show, underscores our companies’ shared mission to enable experiences that broaden people’s lives, while protecting the planet at the same time. The goal is carbon neutral supersonic flight. Imagine jetting from San Francisco to Beijing, NYC to Berlin, Los Angeles to Tokyo, all in half the time on a flight that releases no net CO2 emissions. It’s the freedom to explore new places and cultures, to meet people and form new relationships all over the world, without harming the planet.

“We believe it’s possible to solve global warming with innovation, and to push human achievement higher and faster while we do it,” said Prometheus founder and CEO, Rob McGinnis. “We’re proud to partner with Boom to do just that.”

In a flight test slated for 2021, Boom will use Prometheus jet fuel to power its XB-1, the Mach-2.2 demonstrator aircraft that’s informing the engineering and design of Boom’s supersonic commercial jet.

The demo will be a historic moment, marking the world’s first ever zero net carbon supersonic flight. Check back regularly or connect with us here for details on when this extraordinary event will take place.