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Why can fuels made from air now cost the same as fossil fuels? Rob McGinnis on the tech that makes it possible

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We’ve known how to make fuel from the air for nearly a century. But only now can we make it in the kind of quantities and at a price that can compete with fossil fuels.

What changed?

In this invited article for Joule, the peer-review journal for revolutionary energy technology, Rob McGinnis lays out the tech innovations that make it possible for Prometheus’s zero net carbon fuels to replace fossil fuels.

If what you’re seeking are the granular technical details that explain why fuel from the air suddenly seems to have gone from prohibitive pipe dream to cheap and practical, this article has what you’re looking for.

It comes down to these four factors:

  • low-cost, abundant electricity from renewable sources like solar and wind
  • the ability to convert CO2 to fuels in inexpensive water-based systems
  • a quantum leap forward in the tech used to separate fuels from water, which allows the process to run at room temperature and atmospheric pressure, and, as a result, eliminates the need for high-cost, energy-intense distillation
  • an evolution in the process that upgrades alcohols to fuels, making it cheaper and easier

Did we mention we landed the cover? Read the full article here.

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